Joy Dare – June #1 – #5

  • Wow…It’s June already, time is flying,oh my…Hellooooooooooooooo!!!

If someone told me that I was going to change cities this year I would tell them that they were crazy, but God always has the best for us, even when it seems that everything is out of our control (indeed it is, out of our control but in His total control, that brings peace, comfort and assurance that everything will work out)…

And because I wen on a trip in April and moved to a new  city in May I wasen’t able to finish my April Joy Dare nor start the May one….so I will jump those and start in June again, I just love these Joy Dares and I feel the need to be grateful everyday and sometimes life gets hectic and we cant remember, but this way it makes it easier and fun…..Another thing is that I am doing a bible study and writing here on Psalm 119, if you want to check that it out I know it will bless you as much as it has blessed me….

Let’s start…

Joy Dare – June 2012

Day #1 – 3 gifts orange

  • orange (fruit)
  • pumpkin
  • When the sun is orange and it just lights the sky

Day #2 – 3 gifts funny

  • My trip this saturday to a concert with friends from church (friends are funny)
  • my niece laughing as we enjoy our time together
  • my sister she is the funniest person ever (luv her)

Day #3 – 3 gifts from todays conversation

  • Telling a friend that Jesus will always be there for her even if she dosen’t believe, when  she needs him just call out, He will be there
  • My sister’s wisdom in ministry
  • my mothers advice to a friend and knowing that they are being beyond blessed.

Day #4  – 3 gifts found in Christ

  • Life
  • Hope
  • Eternal Kingdom

Day #5 –  A gift of peace, a gift of hope, a gift of love

  • Peace = Jesus
  • Hope = Eternity
  • Love = Family

Have a blessed week!!!

Much care and love,





Joy Dare – March (Day #17 to #31)

HiiiiIII….Im so behind my joy dares, still trying to finish march and catch up with april, so next week I can start may….

Day #17 – a gift turned, a gift folded, a gift hung

  • a book page
  • love letter
  • a picture

Day #18 – 3 gifts red

  • roses
  • favorite red shirt
  • lipstick

Day #19 – 3 gifts eaten

  • pizza with worship team after creative night =)
  • pasta (dinner with friends and youth ministry)
  • chocolate

Day #20 – 3 gifts that made you laugh

  • a book
  • my trips
  • a  friends visit

Day #21

  • gift salty: dont remember
  • gift sweet: candy and sister
  • gift just right: friends hugs

Day #22 – 3 gifts found in his word

  • For God so loved the world
  • He sent his son JESUS
  • so we would not perish, but have eternal life

Day #23 – 3 gifts found in women today

  • confidence
  • joy
  • achiever

Day #24 – 3 gifts spoken

  • bible verses
  • prayers
  • poems

Day #25

  • gift sung: Revelation Song by:Kari Jobe
  • a gift written : facebook message from mom
  • a gift painted : a kids drawing

Day #26 – 3 gifts almost gone

  • april
  • my time in my country
  • pants (the rip to fast)

Day #27 – 3 gifts redeemed

  • my life
  • my dreams
  • my heart

Day #28 – 3 gifts entwined

  • my family
  • Jesus and me
  • moms hugs

Day #29 – 3 gifts of his promises

  • Eternal life
  • Salvation
  • Peace

Day #30 – 3 gifts uncovered

  • I need people around
  • patience
  • zeal

Day #31 – a gift heard, a gift held, a gift hoped for

  • prophetic word
  • my nephews and nieces
  • my trip next week to see my family

Blessed days !!!

Joy Dare – March (Day #1)



(Day #1) 3 gifts at 3 pm

  • Reading the word of God next to daddy as he was preparing the sermon for tonight
  • Concluded reading the book of John
  • Being struck by the Love of GOd once more, as I read the death and resurrection of JESUS !!

Blessed friday !!!