Joy Dare – February Days #18 – #29

Wow!! Last day of February 2012…time sure flies !!! So I will catch up on my blessings !!!

 Let’s do this, Welcome March !!! 

(Day #18) – 3 gifts on paper

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so we could have eternal life . John 3:16
  • I love you – Mom
  • Thank you

(Day #19) –3 gifts that were Plan B´s

  • back at parents home
  • teaching English
  • ministry

(Day #20) – a gift at breakfast at, a gift at lunch, a gift at dinner

  • Coffee
  • beans
  • Pasta (culinary skills rising)

(Day #21) – 3 gifts white

  • shirt
  • paper ( love to write)
  • white flag (peace)

(Day #22) –3 gifts that changed today

  • a good book
  • a long shower
  • a long floral dress

(Day #23) – a gift of tin, of glass, of wood

  • roof
  • glass vase
  • a beautiful wood table (united family)

(Day #24) – 3 gifts before 11 am

  • hope for a blessed day
  • mercies renewed
  • moms coffee

(Day #25) –a gift nearly worn out, a gift new, a gift made-do

  • sleep t-shirt
  • key chain
  • a beautiful cake (mom is awesome)

(Day #26) – 3 gifts seen as reflections

  • my reflection in the mirror ( I look like mom and I love it)
  • the word of GOD
  • my life – reflection of what I believe

(Day #27) – 3 ugly beautiful gifts (see beauty in ugly)

  • my sins (because of them I can feel the grace of GOD)
  • my family living far from each other (more places to spend holidays and vacations)
  • Getting older (means Im probably getting wiser.. I think…lol)

(Day #28) –3 gifts from the past, that help you trust the future

  • moms health issues (God can do all things)
  • my niece Amy ( GOd gives life)
  • move to Brasil (new dreams)

(Day #29) – a gift dull, a gift shimmering, a gift a gift cleaned

  • my prayer sometimes, but GOD understands
  • sun + mirror
  • my bedroom  love the feeling )


Count you blessings !!




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