Hii !!

Today is a good new day and what is in store for us is unlimited….:)

So whatever you may go through, know that God’s PEACE is unlimited and always available…

Just rest in His care and know that HE is GOD !!




Life is so crazy lately, after spending a year of solitude, just me, my family and God !!

Im just back into normal life, working, running after daily normal things and some days I just miss my solitude and believe me when I was in solitude I wanted this crazy busy life…how weird hum….but Im thankful for all God has done and all he is doing right now…in the most weird moment of my life I have found grace enough to understand that he is with me not only on solitude, but even in my most hectic crazy kind of day just being my peace, my all……

So glad to be able to have this loving God, this amazing grace and this life where his power shows up daily !!!

I know solitude is perfect and it makes being close to GOD easier, but isnt it awesome to practice being in touch(connection,relationship) with GOD even in the most hectic days, how powerful it is that we can do that and just be in complete harmony with him, we dont have to stop and acknowledge him, we just know He is there……and he is for you !!

Be blessed, 



Joy Dare – June #1 – #5

  • Wow…It’s June already, time is flying,oh my…Hellooooooooooooooo!!!

If someone told me that I was going to change cities this year I would tell them that they were crazy, but God always has the best for us, even when it seems that everything is out of our control (indeed it is, out of our control but in His total control, that brings peace, comfort and assurance that everything will work out)…

And because I wen on a trip in April and moved to a new  city in May I wasen’t able to finish my April Joy Dare nor start the May one….so I will jump those and start in June again, I just love these Joy Dares and I feel the need to be grateful everyday and sometimes life gets hectic and we cant remember, but this way it makes it easier and fun…..Another thing is that I am doing a bible study and writing here on Psalm 119, if you want to check that it out I know it will bless you as much as it has blessed me….

Let’s start…

Joy Dare – June 2012

Day #1 – 3 gifts orange

  • orange (fruit)
  • pumpkin
  • When the sun is orange and it just lights the sky

Day #2 – 3 gifts funny

  • My trip this saturday to a concert with friends from church (friends are funny)
  • my niece laughing as we enjoy our time together
  • my sister she is the funniest person ever (luv her)

Day #3 – 3 gifts from todays conversation

  • Telling a friend that Jesus will always be there for her even if she dosen’t believe, when  she needs him just call out, He will be there
  • My sister’s wisdom in ministry
  • my mothers advice to a friend and knowing that they are being beyond blessed.

Day #4  – 3 gifts found in Christ

  • Life
  • Hope
  • Eternal Kingdom

Day #5 –  A gift of peace, a gift of hope, a gift of love

  • Peace = Jesus
  • Hope = Eternity
  • Love = Family

Have a blessed week!!!

Much care and love,





Ações de Graças – Jantar Gala Teens

Ontem nos Estados Unidos foi celebrado o thanksgiving ( dia de ações de graças), e eu amo essa data porque temos muito que agradecer a Deus, por tudo que ele tem feito por nós.

E pra celebrar esse momento de gratidão com meus teens fazer realizar um JANTAR DE GALA, acho q nunca vi pessoas tão empolgadas, eles não conseguem conter a alegria, a antecipação de estarem lá juntos com seus amigos celebrando um jantar em agradecimento!!!

Se você olhar pra vida de cada um deles vc entenderia porque um simples jantar de agradcimento significa tanto, a um ano atras eles não tinham essa alegria, eles não tinham JESUS e JESUS é a razão de tudo……será que nós como cristãos mais antigos (vamos dizer assim) temos essa alegria toda vez que vamos agradecer ao SEnhor, sera que não conseguimos nos conter com tanta expectativa de poder agradecer a Deus por todos os beneficios que ele tem feito por nós…..

A palavra do Senhor diz: Entrai em sua presença com Ações de Graças !!! Isso quer dizer qualquer hora, qualquer momento, não importa onde vc está, mas vc está adorando ao Senhor com um coração grato…

Será que sabemos somente pedir….?

Oro para que cada dia o povo de Deus possa entrar em sua presença com o coração cheio de ações de graças, sim temos momentos dificeis, sim a vida não e facil, perfeita, mas somente o presente da SALVAÇÃO já é o maior motivo para agradecimento…..

Oh Senhor me lembre a cada instante das tuas maravilhas, para que o meu coração nunca se esqueça de ti agradecer….e mesmo quando nada vier a mente(nos momentos dificeis) somente o fato de ter vc faça o meu coração pulsar mais forte !!!!

Então com o final de semana chegando, os dias corridos, com foco no alvo (CRISTO) te desejo muita PAZ !!!