Hello !!

So long I’ve been here…Oh how I missed it !!

So good to be back..:) I have been very busy with REV 

YES ..REV ??? What is it?? What does it stand for ??

Well REV = REVOLUTION = A youth ministry in it to change everything for JESUS and for his cause..A generation passionate aboute Jesus, people, church, community and Revolution…

We believe we serve a mighty GOD who can do Mighty things in us and through us !!

And love each young person and I ask that you pray for us !!

Here some pics….;)




When friends love u !!

ImageHiiii….It’s been a few days but here I am and  I am  very happy…

My dear friend called me today after a long time and just reminded me how important that is, to just love your friends, just tell them you miss them and how important you are to them and they are to you. And how you share all things no restrictions because you are friends….And thats great …

But lets never forget that Jesus is that friend, he is always there and he cares about you and everything that has to do with you….If you need a friend today call on him and he will love u !!!

With care,



A grateful heart generates continue worship

You don’t want to hurt your best friend, but you want to shower them with love..

Everyone matters;

no matter how small, how big, how rich, how poor, how sick, how healthy, how sad, how happy…Each one has a value, the value of Jesus dying on the cross…

His death makes you valueable, feel your worth and be thankful.

Jesus death was not in vain, his ressurection was not in vain; BUT the value of your LIFE.

Love one another for I have loved you first…

Covered with love, covered with grace, covered with life…

Jesus life the ransom money for our freedom….

Can’t be thankful enough =)

Have you been with JESUS?

I am reading the Word of GOD this morning and this verse just caught my eyes and this question is on my mind “Have you been with JESUS?” Do the people around ask you that, do they know that..can they feel that, can they see that, do they notice, can they sense that???

The verse says (Atcts4-13) When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

See you dont have to be the smartest person ever ( but I know you are), you dont need to be schooled, you dont need money, you dont need material things, you can be ordinary (just like Peter and John), but when you speak, when you walk, when you pray, when you sing, when you go to work, when you come around somebody, people will see you have been with JESUS ( they will take note= notice you ) you wont be ordinary anymore, you wont be a just normal person, you will astonish people, you will make them realize that you know JESUS and that he is in you and that you are filled with the Holy Spirit !!

And through his name (POWER in the name of JESUS) great and amazing things will happen…

“The other day a person looked at me and asked are you a christian ? I am like yes, why? are you? And he was like yes ( but not lately ) and I asked what made you think that I was, he said you look different, you have a different thing in you …( this made my day ) I didnt need to do anything , but he realized that I have been with JESUS …..”

Sometimes words, writing is not needed but your actions speak !!!

So today ask yourself – HAVE  I BEEN WITH JESUS ????

My hope as that everyday we can say YES !!!

You are loved,

Rebeca Aurora