To SEE … Enjoy !!

Some things I’m really enjoying !!!






Hello !!

So long I’ve been here…Oh how I missed it !!

So good to be back..:) I have been very busy with REV 

YES ..REV ??? What is it?? What does it stand for ??

Well REV = REVOLUTION = A youth ministry in it to change everything for JESUS and for his cause..A generation passionate aboute Jesus, people, church, community and Revolution…

We believe we serve a mighty GOD who can do Mighty things in us and through us !!

And love each young person and I ask that you pray for us !!

Here some pics….;)



Pastor’s Kid #1


Like some of you know I’m a pastor’s kid….Yes people a PK…..

And being in the spotlight like that is not easy, (well very hard)…

You can’t do this or that, you need to always be an example, people are always watching, and if you fall well there is a lot of people to not help you get up….

But on the other side you get to know alot of people, uget to know lots of places, people usually love your family and when they hate (man do they hate you) lol….

And some pastor’s kid grow up frustated, mad at GOD and church and people…They tend to do anything that does not involve ministry….(I know some are different but some are like this)…

So I want to know if you are a PK, do you know a PK, and what do you yhink of being a PK.????…

( I love being – sometimes –  a PK and I will write more on this subject)

with care,