Hii !!

Today is a good new day and what is in store for us is unlimited….:)

So whatever you may go through, know that God’s PEACE is unlimited and always available…

Just rest in His care and know that HE is GOD !!

GOD our PEACE ūüėČ


Joy Dare – June #1 – #5

  • Wow…It’s June already, time is flying,oh my…Hellooooooooooooooo!!!

If someone told me that I was going to change cities this year I would tell them that they¬†were crazy, but God always has the best for us, even when it seems that everything is out of our control (indeed it is, out of our control but in His total control, that brings peace, comfort and assurance that everything will work out)…

And because I wen on a trip in April and moved to a new¬†¬†city in May I wasen’t able to finish my April Joy Dare nor start the May one….so I will jump those and start in June again, I just love these Joy Dares and I feel the need to be grateful everyday and sometimes life gets hectic and we cant remember, but this way it makes it easier and fun…..Another thing is that I am doing a bible study and writing here on Psalm 119, if you want to check that it out I know it will bless you as much as it has blessed me….

Let’s start…

Joy Dare – June 2012

Day #1 – 3 gifts orange

  • orange (fruit)
  • pumpkin
  • When¬†the sun is orange and it just lights the sky

Day #2 – 3 gifts funny

  • My trip this saturday to a concert with friends from church (friends are funny)
  • my niece laughing as we enjoy our time together
  • my sister she is the funniest person ever (luv her)

Day #3 Р3 gifts from todays conversation

  • Telling a friend that Jesus will always be there for her even if she dosen’t believe, when¬† she needs him just call out, He will be there
  • My sister’s wisdom in ministry
  • my mothers advice to a friend and knowing that they are being beyond blessed.

Day #4  Р3 gifts found in Christ

  • Life
  • Hope
  • Eternal Kingdom

Day #5 –¬† A gift of peace, a gift of hope, a gift of love

  • Peace = Jesus
  • Hope = Eternity
  • Love = Family

Have a blessed week!!!

Much care and love,






Good day !!!

Today is a¬†rainy rainy day and I love it…this song is on my mind LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN !!!

This feels like refreshing, sometimes our lives are just so full of things, stuff that get stuck in us and we just can’t let it go, we don’t know how to let go…

So the rain comes, the waters and washes it all away, thats GOD’s unconditional love, it comes like rain and it cleanses our soul, our minds, our hearts, everything within us…

So today let this rain, his rain fall over u and wash you, so that you may see the new sun that is rising in the not so distant horizon…..

Have a blessed day,

Enjoy !!

Much Care,



When friends love u !!

ImageHiiii….It’s been a few days but here I am and¬† I am¬†¬†very happy…

My dear friend called me today after a long time and just reminded me how important that is, to just love your friends, just tell them you miss them and how important you are to them and they¬†are¬†to you. And how you share all things no restrictions because you are friends….And thats great …

But lets never forget that Jesus is that friend, he is always there and he cares about you and everything that has to do with you….If¬†you need a friend today call on him and he will love u !!!

With care,



Hi !!! Im in the South of Brazil for a few days and I must say I am enjoying this weather , its just lovely !!

So lets continue on the devotionals on Psalm 119, and verse 9 just answers so many questions that it is one of my favorites…So enjoy and know that in the Word you will find everything u need, young, old no matter…GOD WILL SPEAK TO YOU !!!

And remember¬†God dosen’t give everything you want , but He gives you what you need !


9 How can a young person stay on the path of purity? 
    By living according to your word. 
10 I seek you with all my heart; 
    do not let me stray from your commands. 
11 I have hidden your word in my heart 
    that I might not sin against you.
12 Praise be to you, Lord;
    teach me your decrees. 
13 With my lips I recount
    all the laws that come from your mouth. 
14 I rejoice in following your statutes 
    as one rejoices in great riches.
15 I meditate on your precepts 
    and consider your ways.
16 I delight in your decrees;
    I will not neglect your word.


Be blessed, 



A grateful heart generates continue worship

You don’t want to hurt your best friend, but you want to shower them with love..

Everyone matters;

no matter how small, how big, how rich, how poor, how sick, how healthy, how sad, how happy…Each one has a value, the value of Jesus dying on the cross…

His death makes you valueable, feel your worth and be thankful.

Jesus death was not in vain, his ressurection was not in vain; BUT the value of your LIFE.

Love one another for I have loved you first…

Covered with love, covered with grace, covered with life…

Jesus life the ransom money for our freedom….

Can’t be thankful enough =)

I and I

Hello…. Yesterday I went to a friends wedding and I almost never post pics of me, so I wanna put some pics of the wedding…which I was part in by singing…. Enjoy and blessed days !!!