Joy Dare – March (Day #6 to #16)

Day #6 – A gift bent, a gift broken, a gift beautiful

  • my once lost life
  • my heart
  • my every breath
 Day #7 – 3 gifts in the kitchen
  • mugs (coffee lover)
  • table (family time)
  • refrigerator (provision from GOD in it )

Day #8 – 3 gifts loud

  • nephews and nieces screaming (I miss those loud moments)
  • Music blasting from speakers
  • my laugh (hahah)  ( my friends thing Im crazy sometimes, love that)

Day #9 – 3 gifts carved

This was a hard one….

  • Gods love in my heart (carved by the cross)
  • Hearts on tress with peoples name on it (this just makes me smile)
  • Carving on a wood table, just to say I was there  (leave my mark)

Day #10 – 3 gifts in Christ 

Im gonna be a little different from the normal things I say…

  • Eternity: If it wasen’t for his death and ressurection I could never ever be saved and have this in carved in my heart
  • The joy of forgiveness: (he is forgiveness , he means that he is that, he just speaks that, no matter what you do or what you think I forgive you everytime)
  • The New Testament: he is the reason for it, and I love the BIBLE !!!

Day #11 – 3 gifts Read

  • The Bible
  • Isaiah 38:1-20
  • A friends message on facebook

Day #12 – a gift in wind, in water, in white

  • wind of the Holy Spirit)
  • Water : fishes
  • White: Saved by GOD white as snow

Day #13 – 3 gifts round

  • Donuts
  • soccer ball (big soccer fan)
  • The Earth (creative, genious GOD)

Day #14 – 3 gifts found in silence

  • peace
  • writing
  • myself

Day #15 – 3 gifts given away

  • my life
  • my heart
  • my time

Day #16 – 3 hard eucharisteos

  • losing a job, even if you didnt like it
  • being asked to wait (patience is a hard thing to give thanks)
  • being left by someone you love (all things work for the best)

Blessed days,



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