Mondays are just fun….

It’s the day I take to rest in the morning, clean and catch up on some reading (my day)…

How do you spend you mondays?? Do you start mad because its monday, do you wake up late to work, do you get up frustrated and stressed or you wake up thankful its another beautiful day the Lord has given us….

I work in ministry so weekends are my busy, running and full of activies days…so Monday is a rest day….its a recharge day ….

And today is a raining monday, and I can feel the refresh from the Lord coming in my life, my soul, my body, my mind….I need it, you need it, we need it….

Hope you are having a great monday, so you entire week will be totally amazing, powerful and full of joy,….

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthey 11:28

With care,



Blessed !!!

Today I took the day to read, listen to music, do a whole devotional day !!And started listening to an amazing artist that I did listen to a long time and this song of hers spoke deeply in my heart !!! Here is the lyrics, hope u enjoy!!!


I may never climb a mountain
So I can see the world from there
I may never ride the waves
And taste the salty ocean air
Or build a bridge
That would last a hundred years
But no matter where the road leads
One thing is always clear


I am blessed
I am blessed
From when I rise up in the morning
Til I lay my head to rest
I feel You near me
You soothe me when I’m weary
Oh Lord, for all the worst and all the best
I am blessed


All along the road less traveled
I have crawled and I have run
I have wandered through the wind and rain
Until I found the sun
The watching eyes ask me why
I walk this narrow way
I will gladly give the reason
For the hope I have today


You’ve given me joy

You’ve given me love

You give me strength
When I want to give up
You came from heaven
To rescue my soul
This is the reason I know, I know
God bless ur day !!!