Fashion Monday !!


As we just remembered September 11 today, and feel much love, respect, appreciation, care, honor, amazed for all of thse that lost their life that day and for those that lost a loved and dear one that day..Just wanted to say  I pray for you, because only God can heal our hearts and give us hope and shine a new light so may move and live with peace….So to all of u, GOD BLESS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

And today is fashion monday…So a few pics of thing I like and a few links for u guys to check out….


Blog I LOVE:

I love checking this evryday:FUN:—day-9

Pastors wives u gotta check it out:


Naomi Watts just splendid!!!

How cute is this dress, adorable…

 Jessica Alba @AlmaAwards, I love this color.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-100" title="Daddy and me ready for a friends wedding this weekend..I loved this dress….very cute…

Hope u like it as well…soon new stuff…..;)

Great week and be blessed !!