Selah !!

Hey, evryone !!!

Today starts our 21 days fast with our church, and Im pretty excited about that…so I will be writing some of  my daily meditations on the word of GOD and I hope u enjoy it….

Also as I am about to start this journey I ask that u pray for me and for the people around the world that are going to be together in this journey….and if u are doing this, please leave a comment I would love to hear ur thoughts on fasting….

To start, I wanna leave u with this thought:

Without intimacy = no holiness,

Without holiness = no authority,

No authority = no winning (achievement) !!!

Be blessed and great days ahead !!!



7 thoughts on “Selah !!

  1. Wishing you a wonderful, blessed time these coming 21-days.

    Fasting can give us so much! It draws us closer to God; it gives us victory over our (earthly) bodies; it let’s us hear the voice of God.

    Fasting is “hard”… the first few days. The body acts up and screams “I’m dying” – LOL. But with each day we become stronger and stronger – and closer and closer to God. It’s awesome!

    My prayers go out to you, precious sister in Christ, that this fast will bless you richly.

    Keep the posts coming. BTW, great blog!

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