Process of Learning


We are in the middle of our fasting journey, and let me just say GOD has done so many amazing things, Im just so thankful and expectant on what he will do next..

In this journey I feel I am in a process called learning, yes!

Process involves steps and decisions in the way work is accomplished, and may involve a sequence of events.The process that one follows is as important as the results that are produced by the process

Learning  is acquiring new or modifying existing knowledgebehaviorsskillsvalues, orpreferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information

So for me its steps in acquiring new and modifying some things in my life…..

Here are the lessons learned in this process!!

  1. With GOD we are new men and women. 1Sam 10.6
  2. With GOD this hard moment will pass, but his love, mercy and grace will last forever.Mark 4.39
  3. With GOD there is deliverance. 1Sam 11.13
  4. We need to fear the LORD, serve him with our entire heart and consider his great deeds. 1Sam 12.24
  5. We must witness GOD to our family. Mark 5.19
  6. We should not hurry but wait patiently in GOD with joy. 1Sam 13.13
  7. With GOD we have our strenght renewed.1Sam.27-30
  8. With GOD we are never left hungry, we are always satisfied.Mark 6.42
  9. We should not give in our fear, but we must obey GODs word.1Sam 22-24
  10. Our eyes should be on GOD, for his eyes are on us.1Sam 16.7
  11. No matter the circumstances we must worship, adore GOD. Psalm 56+57

Hope you have a blessed day !

Join the process of learning, amazing things will happen..




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