Life is so crazy lately, after spending a year of solitude, just me, my family and God !!

Im just back into normal life, working, running after daily normal things and some days I just miss my solitude and believe me when I was in solitude I wanted this crazy busy life…how weird hum….but Im thankful for all God has done and all he is doing right now…in the most weird moment of my life I have found grace enough to understand that he is with me not only on solitude, but even in my most hectic crazy kind of day just being my peace, my all……

So glad to be able to have this loving God, this amazing grace and this life where his power shows up daily !!!

I know solitude is perfect and it makes being close to GOD easier, but isnt it awesome to practice being in touch(connection,relationship) with GOD even in the most hectic days, how powerful it is that we can do that and just be in complete harmony with him, we dont have to stop and acknowledge him, we just know He is there……and he is for you !!

Be blessed, 




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