Fridays are just awesome…But I had a sick day, it was cold, rainy and just a stay home day !!

So as this day is ending, my heart is just overwhelmed with the goodness and favour of our GOD !!

Hope you can see in all the little details his faithfulness..God is good and his works are just out of this world !!!

Have a great weekend….

65-72 Be good to your servant, God; 
      be as good as your Word. 
   Train me in good common sense; 
      I’m thoroughly committed to living your way. 
   Before I learned to answer you, I wandered all over the place, 
      but now I’m in step with your Word. 
   You are good, and the source of good; 
      train me in your goodness. 
   The godless spread lies about me, 
      but I focus my attention on what you are saying; 
   They’re bland as a bucket of lard, 
      while I dance to the tune of your revelation
   My troubles turned out all for the best— 
      they forced me to learn from your textbook. 
   Truth from your mouth means more to me 
      than striking it rich in a gold mine.


With Care,



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