Book of Jonah – 12 Things Learned


As I’m reading the Bible, I finished the book of Jonah and these 12 things have struck hard in my heart and hope it blesses you ….

  1. We tend to run away when we are scared.
  2. Sometimes the storms in our lives are God permited or provided, to get us closer to him.
  3. We tend to be ok with our storms (sleepy). We need to wake up from our storms.
  4. People around us suffer when we don’t  obey God’s word.
  5. People tend to notice when God has something with us.
  6. We always pay a price for disobeying.
  7. Even in the darkest and most scary moments, places, situations, God is there and he listens and gives us a way out.
  8. Following God’s will in our lives, will bring healing (salvation)to those around us.
  9. When we obey God, the word of GOd = God shows us mercy.
  10. God is good, he owns all living things, He is the one who gives life and takes away.
  11. God is a God of Compassion.
  12. Our God is a God of 2nd chances =)

With Care,



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