Wow…As I read this my heart just jumped…nothing we do will cancel the faithfulness of our GOD, even when everything goes wrong, he stands true and what Hee promised come true…

This hit hard because next week I will be going in a conference that I have been dreaming to go for more than 5 years (yes I’ve prayed, and prayed and now ) when everythings seems out of place, when the world around is just a mess ( our GOD has been faithful once more) ….

Im so amazed at his love and grace, how wonderful he is and how faithful !!!

No ending to his faithfulness, no stoping !! NADA….HE IS WHAT HE IS and HE IS GOD THE GREAT I AM, Who opens doors, make a way, does everything according to his purpose and to those who love him…..

So Im just in complete joy…..

I will be off for a few days, but as you can read for a very good cause….pray for me and for those that will be there at the conference (20.000 people) YAY, Im just to excited….

And to make it better I am going with a girl friend who accepted Christ in November and was baptized last week….. so double joy !! A new believer…..

How faithful is our GOD hum ??

Perfect timing HE has……

Have a blessed weekend….and a until next weekend (HAPPY EASTER) !!!!


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