Hi…Fridays are just rad…love them =)

I will try this one day ...;)

Well I have been practicing and listening to some hip hop for our boys dance…but let me tell you its harder than I thought it would be….( hello beginners hip hop dancers, I love u and feel ur pain)

The steps, the moves, the curves, the music, the beat (so many things) but I am loving it…Its something I never thought I would do, and its something that will help our teens become more commited to fellowship, friendship, respect and Church ….

So I ask pray for me…for creative wisdom, for elasticity (lol) and for no pain to attack my body….

I love ministry and teens and church ….and I love raising this little army of JESUS Lovers….

Be blessed,



One thought on “Dance….

  1. Hi Rebeca, I think what you’re doing sounds great, a fantastic way to get young people involved in church life. Do you tend to suffer from pain? Also, if you need any gospel hip-hop or rap I can give you some pointers, there are some British artists who I really like. xxx

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