Revolution of LOVE

{Beautiful reading from Catherine Doherty …}

The security to which most people cling is mere illusion. We are not secure walking the streets of a large modern city. In planes we never know if we’ll stay up or not. Wars flare up in almost every part of the world. So where is that security that everybody is supposed to value so dearly? God doesn’t give us this material security. He offers instead faith, a faith which begins, in a sense, when reason ends.

God offers us risk, danger and a strange insecurity that leads to perfect security. His security begins when we start loving God with our whole heart, our whole mind, our whole soul and our neighbor as ourselves. I speak of this so often but it is the only message that can never be overstressed. We must clothe the skeletons of our lives with the flesh of his love, or we shall perish.

For this kind of loving we have the Holy Spirit in us. With his help we shall be able to love our neighbor. With him we shall have the courage to risk loving the neighbor. It is a tremendous risk, because we must also love our enemies. Once we have entered into Christ’s law of love, we have the power and the grave, the charisms, to change enemies into friends and beloved neighbors. To love one’s neighbor is the ultimate risk, for it may even mean death for my brother’s sake if need be.

All this sounds very idealistic and perhaps quite unobtainable. Christ assures us it isattainable. It is through those strange little steps day after day that one slowly accepts the other as he or she is, begins to love totally, tenderly, compassionately. Once this has begun, the involvement becomes deeper and deeper and deeper.

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