PDL – Day #14

Day #14 – God is real, no matter how I feel.

  • The deepest level of worship is praising GOD in spite of pain.
  • Thanking GOD during a trial, trusting him when tempted, surrendering while suffering, and loving him when he seems distant.
  • God admits that sometimes he hides his face from us.
  • Common mistake Christians make in worship today is seeking an experience experience rather than seeking GOD.
  • GOd is always present even when you are unaware of him.
  • Faith, not feelings, pleases GOD.
  • How do you praise GOD when you dont understand whats happening in your life?
  • Tell GOD exactly how you feel.
  • Focus on who GOD is – his unchanging nature.
  • Trust GOD to keep his promises.
  • Circumstances cannot change the character of GOD.
  • When you feel abandoned by GOD yet continue to trust him, you worship him in the deepest way.
  • Remember what GOD has already done for you.
  • Jesus gave up everything so you could have everything.
  • He died so you could live forever.
  • God is real, no matter how I feel !!!



2 thoughts on “PDL – Day #14

  1. So true. Thanks for posting this to remind us that God is God, God is still God, God will always be God, and our feelings may not recognize this all the time.

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