I and I


Yesterday I went to a friends wedding and I almost never post pics of me, so I wanna put some pics of the wedding…which I was part in by singing….

Enjoy and blessed days !!!


3 thoughts on “I and I

  1. Hey beautiful 🙂
    Great pics! What did you sing?
    Takes a lot of courage to sing in front of people, especially at someone’s wedding — so good job! I love to sing but have serious stage fright. Any tips? 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my page, by the way. Always appreciate it! xoxo

    • Hey Lovely !! thanks for stopping by…
      Thank you for the compliments…I am blushing now..lol..
      I sang 4 songs, 3 in Portuguese(my home language) and 1 in English (Only Hope – Mandy Moore).
      I sing since I was a little girl, but I still get fright, so I just close my eyes and I think of other things…I know…But thats my secret, I think there is no one listening……but practice always makes it feel better…
      Great friday !!
      Be blessed…xoxo

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