It does define or it dosen’t ??

I was talking to my friends about the past and I read this sentence  “My Past Doesn’t Define Who I Am”..

And it got me thinking, does my past define who I am today  ???

Define =  To determineto decide. To give form or meaning to..

It got me thinking, my past does define me of who I am ( it was in my past, my mistakes that I found JESUS and because of that now JESUS define’s who I am.) I think it defines me in a good way…

If I didn’t have a past it wouldn’t give form to who I am today, my past, my mistakes, the things I did were the one’s that brought me to my future and present…What define’s me today is GOD, but I would not be defined by him if my past hadn’t brought me to him……(would that mean that choice is what brought me to who I am today)

DO you understand what I mean ?? What do you think ???

No, the past can’t define who you are today, but the choices in your past can???? Is that it?? !!!



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