Fashion Show Autumn-Winter 2012

Hi !!!

I love many things, but fashion and clothes they are just somethin that makes me stop and take a look…And the Autumn-Winter 2012 Fashion Shows have been happening in London, Milan and others….and I wanna share these dresses that I love.(they are expensive, but dreaming is not bad at all and it dosent cost a )..

If you want to see other designers and news go to :

Stella McCartney - London Fashion Week 2012


Alberta Ferretti - Fashion Show 2012 - Milan

I just think they are beautiful, what do you think??

Great Friday !!!



5 thoughts on “Fashion Show Autumn-Winter 2012

  1. it/s kyle here and i wll to ask you to canel autumn fashion show for the rest of 2012 because it/s important and i had to. we have a bad issues of miranda kerr you must tell her that her show it/s canceled.

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