Super Bowl !!!

Hello…Great monday !!!

I wanted to say congrats to the Giants on their win yesterday @Superbowl !!! and Congrats to the Patriots and the game…..

I’m Brazilian and I don’t understand the game that much but since I lived in the USA for a long time I like to watch and respect the love for football, like our love for soccer here in Brazil……

Here we don’t get the same comercials but we do watch the half time show and Madonna was great….wardrobe, dancers, the other artists that sang with her everything was awesome….I never knew they could get a stage up so fast, and the music and world peace ending beautiful…..And Madonna at her age still got it !!!

So Congrats to evryone and their teams….It was a great night !!!!

                                                              A place with more cool pics:

**Also thanks to my friend John Moore who motivated me to watch 😉

Here are some pics and videos in case u mised it !!!!

Super Bowl 2012 Miranda Lambert and Blake sing America the Beautiful

Kelly Clarkson – National Anthem

Madonna Super Bowl 



Eli Manning


Gisele and Tom Brady !!


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