Love God – Love People

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Love God – Love People

During my experiences with people. I have discovered that there are people (or types of people) that you prefer to stay away from. (Don’t lie!!!) Why do we prefer to keep them at a safe distance? EASY… Because they’re messy, and we, for the most part, love for things to be neat, clean and predictable.

We prefer clean people and clean situations…and so we isolate ourselves from messy situations. However, one of the things I’ve discovered in the past is that isolation really does lead to being ineffective. And…if I isolate myself from the mess then I am not becoming like Jesus because He always walked towards the mess.

If I am going to follow Christ I can’t allow personal preference to discredit my love for people because in doing so then I communicate that I’ve forgotten what Christ did for me! (The nasty mess…

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