PDL: DAY 5 to 8

Peace evryone !!!

Hope ur weekend was amazing, here all is good, lots of rain though…And my grandma dosent stop singing LET IT RAIN so I dont think its gonna stop any time soon…So Let it Rain Lord over us, over our land, let ur glory rain down on us….

Day 5: Life is a test and trust

  • The way u see ur life shapes ur life
  • Life is a test, a trust and life is a temporary assignment
  • Character is both developed and revealed by tests and all of life is a test
  • Some tests seem overwhelming, while others you dont even notice, but all of them have ETERNAL implications
  • The more God gives you, the more responsible he expects you to be

Day 6: This world is not my home.

  • Life on earth is a temporary assignment
  • Compared to eternity life is extremely brief
  • Earth is only a temporary residence
  • You wont be here for long so dont get too attached
  • Real belivers understand that there is far more to life than just the few years we live on this planet.
  • Earth is not our final home; we were created for something much better
  • Eternal Values
  • But the end of life is not the End
  • When life gets tough, when you’re overwhelmed with doubt, or when you wonder if living for Christ is worth the effort, remember that you are not home yet. At death you won’t leave home — you’ll go home
Day 7: It’s all for him 
  • Ultimate goal of the universe is to show the glory of GOD
  • God’s glory is the expression of his goodness and all his other intrinsic, eternal qualities
  • Living for God’s glory is the greatest achievement we can accomplish with our lives
  • God’s glory is best seen in JESUS CHRIST
  • When anything in creation fulfills its purpose it brings glory to GOD.
  • We bring glory to GOD by: Worshiping him, loving other believers, becoming like Christ, serving others with or gifts, telling others about Him
  • Living the rest of ur life for the glory of GOd will require a change in your priorities.
  • It will sometimes mean choosing a difficul path instead of an easy one
  • Jesus will give you evrything you need to live for him

Day 8: I was planned for GOD’s pleasure

  • God did not need to create you, but he chose to create you for his own enjoyment
  • Bringing glory to GOD is called worship
  • Anything that you that brings pleasure to GOd is an act of worship
  • Worship is far more than music
  • Worship is not for ur benefit – we worship for GOD’s benefit
  • Worship is not a part of your life; it is your life
  • Secret to a lifestyle of worship – doing evrything as if you were doing it for JESUS !!!

Real Worship is all about FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS !!!!

Blessed week,



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