New You !!!


 For those that have been waiting for a new post Im back  and on fire (lol) !!!!

I´ve been off this blog thing because 1st.I couldnt get my password reset thing right and 2nd. I have so many church activities to do, to go and to prepare that time has been limited…

But today as I let myself do something I never almost like never do…(Clean my email inbox) so today was one of those time to clean cause space was limited…..And I as I started cleaning I was thinking about my life, how sometimes u just have to STOP and clean ur mind, ur self, ur heart, ur will, ur plan, and JUST PREPARE FOR GODS GRACE TO POUR….The new !!!

Let me explain, GOd has so much more for us, that we get caught up with our past,our needs, our time, our will, and we just build in mess, trash, things that take HIS time in our lives…..Like an inbox we receive so much stuff (junk, devotionals, emails containing happy things and struggles, that we forget to clean it, cause one day u will have no more space for new emails )

So today as I was cleaning my email, this was brought o my attention, what sort of email have I in me, am I cleaning myself to receive the new, the fresh, the best, the glory of GOD evryday of my life, or am I getting by with what limited space I have and thats it…..

Because the WORD says : without holiness no one will see the Lord !

I know I wanna see HIm, I wanna be with Him, I wanna love Him, I wanna live every second for Him….but I gotta let go of what takes His space in me…….I need to be clean, I need to seek Him , for as I seek him I will find HIM !!!!

I hope this has been a blessing to u, so let go, clean clean clean, open space and seek Him for He will come !!!!!!


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