What I found….

Happy new week, Happy new month, Happy Happy Day !!!!! Feel encouraged:

When all my strenght was gone, and my hope was not shining through….I found in you my God, the grace that comes through…and breaks the chains…and makes the change in me for u…..That all my days are lived for You, cause there is nothing else like loving you and be loved by you…Your power is above all others,your name gives life and the seasons of my life are in your power…The life I have is given by You…

Oh! Wonderful God, may our praises ressound through all the earth…..And all those that don´t know you may hear your love and goodness….And as the deer thirsts for water, all our hearts thirst for You….Come oh God, Shine upon us your light…..Bless us and renew our love once more…..that our hearts burn for you……..

Because You are My God, My Hope, My Life, My Salvation, My Eve

So in love with my God…So blessed by his favor….So in awe I feel…….

When all the world rejoices in death….I will rejoice in You my God…..




3 thoughts on “What I found….

  1. Rebeca,

    What a blessing! I am honored that you would subscribe to my little blog. May your blog encourage many around the world, just as the words above have encouraged me, today. I, too, love Jesus, because by His grace He first loved me.

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