Why I love the Bible !!!

Today is Sunday !!! The day we usually go to church…in Brazil we have what is school on sunday ( in the mornings ) and the services are at night….and that is where the children have class and learn about the bible and about God…

And today I had the previlege to talk about the bible, it´s importance and the history on it, the books, all the info… And as I was preparing for this class I thought why do I love the bible so much ??

Is it because of the power in it? Is it the stories? Is the history ?? Is it the miracles?? Is it the poetic books ?? Is it because there is truth ??

And as I prayed and read the verses about the word and of course its all of the above…

But the thing I love most about its because God gave me the opportunity to read it…that I have the previlege to own many……( its evrything we always say about the bible ) but just the opportunity to actually read it evryday makes me love it even more……because so many people dont have that and I do…..And its a blessing evryday !!!!

Because his words are life, and they never change…

Much love…



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